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Steach SFX Prep 101 and Introduction

This is just a quick write-up on the things you need to know before you dive into the basics of SFX makeup at our Steach session. This can also be used in general for cosplay makeup as well as everyday skin care for those who have yet to follow a proper skin care regiment.  


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Confessions of a Fanfic Writer or How I Stopped Denying it and Love The Fandom

Question, What does Salinger, Martin, Rice, Gabaldon and Card have in common? 

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Soup #5: Umbrella Academy

So the idea of the unglamorous life of superheroes has been retold time and time again in the world of graphic novels for the past few years, but none can match the amount of utter mind-blowing content quite like Gerard Way (Of My Chemical Romance fame) and Gabriel Ba’s (Known for his work on Cassanova and Daytripper) Umbrella Academy. 

The Umbrella Academy was first released in September 19, 2007 under Dark Horse comics. It has garnered accolades from many people in the graphic novel community and even an Eisner Award for being the best limited/finite series of 2008. The first volume, Apocalypse Suite, was then followed by Dallas, which catapulted its notoriety further for comic-book readers. 

I chose to talk about Umbrella Academy for the first Soup #5 feature merely because it would represent just one facet of the graphic novel world, one that we all know catapulted the popularity of the literary medium, the superhero story. Long gone are the days when superheroes toted capes, physically flawless and were gods among men, these days our superheroes are just as troubled and messed up as the rest of us.


Umbrella Academy deals with an unlikely group of super-powered folks who not only have to deal with super-villains but also their own interpersonal and intrapersonal problems, think Watchmen but with a bit more emotional baggage and drama. The characters themselves are, although super-human and seemingly invincible, have a chink in the armor that we can all relate to one way or another.

Apocalypse Suite deals with the introduction of these super-powered beings, their upbringing, their disbandment and their current life-struggles. They come together once again to bury their father figure only to deal with a threat worse than any villain they’ve encountered. One that has been lying dormant and festering for many years under their noses.

While Dallas sets us up for the post-Apocalypse Suite storyline and how each of them are now dealing with living together once again, the loss of people in their lives and of course, who really killed President Kennedy?

Umbrella Academy is a roller-coaster ride from beginning till the end and for those like myself who’ve been waiting for the past 5 years for a follow-up to Dallas, a long-time cliffhanger. Lucky for those who’ll be picking this series up this year is that Gerard Way and Gabriel Ba has finally announced that the third and fourth installments are finally in the works and will be released within 2014. Hotel Oblivion is (insert heavy sigh of relief here) FINALLY, within reach!

So why should you pick up Umbrella Academy?

Not only is the stories in both of the currently released volumes jam-packed with plots that can keep any comic-book geek speculating for a loooong while, it’s also visually beautiful. Gerard Way’s writing is not only witty and quite imaginative but it is thoroughly and beautifully complimented by Gabriel Ba’s visuals. 

Personally I picked UA up because I am a big fan of My Chemical Romance growing up and I’m a sucker for off-beat superhero stories like The Watchmen and Kick-ass. But after revisiting the series for this particular write-up over the weekend. I can say that I now realized that why it stuck with me as a very interesting series is the fact that underneath the fictional absurdity and super-powers, lies several ideas that young folk can relate to. May it be guilt, feeling useless, shame, unrequited love, body-issues, family feuds and paternal-hate, UA makes it a point that each of these god-like beings are still human through these little burdens that they carry.

Ultimately, they are nothing more than children with wounds that haven’t healed if you wittle down their adult facades but they triumph or push away these burdens to overcome things for the good of humanity. 



This is my second photostory involving Caius and two of the Alpacas, Cai-paca (named after him due to his messy fluff) and Cee-paca (named after Caius’ girlfriend Cimmerah). 

Click on each photo for the dialogue :D 

I finally got a few Arpakasso plushes for Caius to play around with in lew of his twin sister and girlfriend, since I’m still saving up for most of them. So say hello to their first story as a group. 

And yes, the alpacas talk with emoticons and random symbols.

Sorry if some of them are a little blurry since I’m shooting with a broken lens. Click on each photo to see Caius’ dialogue